Disputes / Conflict resolution

Disputes tie both own staff and external counsels and often lead to economically unsatisfactory results.

An early involvement of the counsel can often prevent this or at least reduce the potential for conflict.
Should a lawsuit be inevitable we will also support you in conducting such litigations in a procedurally effective and economically reasonable way. By way of conciliation, mediation, or arbitration proceedings as well, protracted lawsuits can be avoided.
In the process, you can rely on comprehensive and goal-oriented support by our teams.


Mediation is increasingly offered for the settlement of disputes both by the regional courts and private mediators.

We support and advise you in the implementation of both instituted and private mediation proceedings. Even though mediation proceedings will not always lead to a concluding solution to the dispute the sensitivities of the parties will become more evident. This often helps to yet still find a consensual solution in the continuation of the proceedings.


In contrast to mediation, the arbitrator does not only moderate the proceedings but will contribute own suggestions to resolve the conflict.

Our project-experienced lawyers act both as arbitrators and advisors in the implementation of conciliation proceedings.

Arbitration tribunals

In the building sector, the implementation of arbitration proceedings under exclusion of the regular courts is a recognised tool for the settlement of disputes.

Our project-experienced lawyers regularly act both as arbitrators – chairperson of the arbitration tribunal – and as advisors and representatives in arbitration tribunals.